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At Community Services, we tailor each individual’s plan according to their wants, interests and needs to provide each person with an experience that includes goals and opportunities.  Here you’ll find some really inspiring stories, or maybe leave one of your own to share.

Respite Care


Respite is the service most often requested by family caregivers. Our Respite Programs offer planned short-term and time-limited opportunities for you to take a break. If you are a parent or guardian looking for a safe and positive place to care for a loved one for a specific time, one of our Respite Programs may provide an opportunity for you.

With grants from the James H. Cummings Foundation and The Western New York Foundation, Community Services has been able to provide specialized areas and sensory equipment at our Genesee Day Habilitation location specifically for children that use our after school and Saturday respite programs.

For children we offer site based, activity-enhanced environments where kids can be safe, make friends, and have fun.  Our school-age programs are offered after school and on Saturdays to provide ample opportunities for you and your child to get out and play! Please contact us at (716) 883-8002 to find out more!

Stay Late - It's Great! After School Respite (ages 5-21)

Our after-school program is open to all school age children in need of after school respite. "Stay Late" provides meaningful recreational and social opportunities for your child throughout the school year.  We offer programs that are designed to meet the special learning needs of students who have developmental disabilities.  After school programs are currently held at two locations.   A new respite program will soon be available in Amherst to assist students in the northern suburbs.

Saturday Respite

Parents love our Saturday Respite Programs! If you are looking for a recreational and social experience for your child age 5+ in a safe and convenient setting, you can take advantage of this program to get out on a Saturday to get things done or enjoy time for you! We also sponsor Summer and Winter Day Camp for children ages 5 to 21 years. Our Saturday Respite Programs are currently offered at our 2180 Genesee and 1377 Abbott Road locations.

Adult Overnight Respite

Overnight Respite services are site-based and are offered to children and adults age 18 years and older.  Each individual will have their own room and share community spaces such as the kitchen and living room with other adult participants. Stays can be scheduled in advance.


Children's Overnight Respite

The Children's Guild Foundation Mildred M. Seegler Respite House and Youth Center in Tonawanda developed and run by Community Services is a home that is dedicated to serving the families with children affected by developmental disabilities in the City of Buffalo, and surrounding areas.


In the immediate Buffalo area, there are hundreds of families that seek overnight respite services for children with developmental disabilities.  Currently, nearly all of Western New York's respite sites are located in suburban areas not easily accessed by public transportation. The Children's Respite Site is the first of its kind to be located near a bus route and offer overnight and after school respite for families that live in or close to the city limits.  Services are also offered during the afternoons for adolescents to learn basic home, self-care and job readiness skills, preparing them for independent living and adult responsibilities.


For more information, contact (716) 883-8002 or